Body Shop Repair Process


Step 1: Select & Schedule Repair Options

Step 2: Drop Off Your Vehicle

Step 3: Vehicle Pre-Wash

Step 4: Vehicle Disassembly

Step 5: Assess Structural Damage

Step 6: Color Matching Paint

Step 7: Approval From Insurance Provider

Step 8: Order & Receive Parts for Repair

Step 9: Guaranteed Repair Timeline

Step 10: Repair Body of Vehicle

Step 11: Apply Seam Sealer & Corrosion Protection

Step 12: Prepare Vehicle for Paint

Step 13: Apply Base Coat & Clear Coat

Step 14: Reassemble Vehicle & Quality Control

Step 15: Schedule Pick-Up Detail & Inspection

Vehicle Repair Services in Pensacola, FL

Our Vehicle Repair Process and Services at World Ford Collision Center of Pensacola

After you've been in a car accident, you need to feel safe and secure again. Because we value your safety and your time, we provide exceptional vehicle restorations in an efficient manner so you can return to your daily responsibilities. Our technicians and mechanics guarantee all work done on your car with lifetime warranties, and all vehicle repairs fulfill strict safety and security mandates established by the manufacturer.